Back in the Bay Area

Well, today is Monday, December 5th and I got home from the start of my 3rd week of work about 30 minutes ago.

This week my team is having our Winter Summit which is basically a week where we have lots of our corporate partners here in the Bay Area so we can have various collaboration sessions and introduce the corporations to local startups.

If all goes as planned I will be officially joining the IoT and Mobility team tomorrow, but that will be dependent on my meeting with the founder and CEO.

Right now the proposal is to have me doing Business Development work as I have done some sales in the past, but the manager of the team also wants to bring me in as I have a consulting background and can help develop standards and procedures that the team can follow.

The big event today was our Best Practices event that lasted from 9:20am to 12:30pm. This event centered around having our corporate partners give presentations on various methods and lessons learned they use to best have their organizations take on new innovation.

Overall the presentations were very interesting and it was very interesting to see how the 2 main corporations followed very similar procedures in order to sort through startups, find the right people within their organizations to be champions for innovation, find funding, have pilots with the startups, and incorporate the new technologies if they were relevant and/or viable.

For me, a memorable moment came when a gentleman from the auto industry mentioned told a story from the 2000s where the cruise industry was originally used as a means of transportation, but then with the introduction of airplanes the market share of cruise ships started to shrink, and now these days cruises are used as a form of entertainment more than anything else. He then said that he is trying to use this as an example to think about how the world will see the auto industry in the future.

My 5 minutes are up so I am going to wrap up this post stating that as time goes on I hope to focus these posts more around a specific subject. If you made it this far I congratulate you for staying with me and I look forward to going on this blogging journey to see where it leads me. If nothing else, I hope to improve my writing ability and clear up my train of thought.

All the best,


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