Men’s Style – Where to start??

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

Like it or not, your appearance plays a role in how others think and feel about you, more importantly, your appearance plays a role in how you think and feel about yourself. From your posture and gestures to what kind of physical shape you are in to the way you are dressed. Think Daniel Craig walking out of the water in Casino Royale or a model walking down the runway (see videos below).

If you were asked to describe first impression characteristics of these people, what words come to mind? Confident? Self-assured? Decisive? It is amazing that even though you know nothing about these people, you can just tell they are confident in themselves (at least thats what their body language and presentation tells us) – that is the power of a strong appearance.

Now, you might be thinking “yea, but you are talking about an actor and a model, those people are trained to look and feel confident,” and I would say “EXACTLY.” The great news is that you can train yourself to look and feel confident in the same way you train your body to gain or lose weight or learn a new skill.

As with any other skill you want to learn, the key is learning the fundamentals and getting good at them, then once they become habits and you no longer have to think about them, you can start building on them and experimenting, and with time you refine your skill and become better and better.

Think about learning to drive, in the beginning the process was clunky and a bit overbearing, you had to get in the car, adjust your seat, adjust all the mirrors, turn the car on, shift in to the appropriate gear, constantly look all directions to make sure there weren’t any cars coming your way – it may have felt like there were a million different things going on at once and it could be a bit exhausting.

But, with time, whether you realize it or not, you start “thinking” about driving less and less. Reversing out of your driveway becomes easier, merging on to the highway becomes 2nd nature, and you start “getting a feel for your car” which makes parking exponentially easier.

Now, if you have been driving for a while, you get in the car, turn on the radio, and drive to your destination without having to use much mental energy. Have you ever been driving when the phone rings, you take the call, and before you know it you have reached your destination without really remembering how you got home? That is the beauty of a habit, you can accomplish seemingly complex tasks without even having to consciously think about them!

The goal of this blog is to help you follow the same process as it relates to your appearance. In the beginning I will focus on what I think are basics or fundamentals of style and overall self-presentation – things like the fit of your clothes, advice on coordinating colors, and how layering can really add to your look.

I will also tell you about places I go for clothes and why, suggestions on what I think the pros and cons are of various retailers, and people and resources I look to for inspiration. Finally, I want to touch on habits I have/things I do to make all of this easier on myself so I don’t really have to think about it.

My name is Miles and I am a 27 year-old former engineer and tech consultant currently living in Houston, TX. I have spent time in Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Nepal, and have been influenced by all of these places. I am by no means  an “image consultant” or stylist – just a guy who is interested in presenting myself in the best way possible. And in a little bit of time, you will be doing the same ;).

Keep an eye out for my next post: self presentation 101!

Until next time,


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